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Peering information
AS number8657
AS-Macro IPv4 & IPv6 [ RIPE ]AS-CPRM | AS-CPRM-V6
Technical detailsPeeringDB
# ASNs connected542 (1156 BGP sessions)
Peering NAPs
ams-ixAmsterdam Internet Exchange
de-cix frkGerman Internet Exchange (Frankfurt)
de-cix madGerman Internet Exchange (Madrid)
gigapixPortuguese Internet Exchange (Lisbon)
linxLondon Internet Exchange
directPrivate Network Interconnection
RIR stats
rir# asn
International peers ordered by ASN
1ARIN42Packet Clearing House (WoodyNet)ams-ix | gigapix1 | linx juniper | de-cix mad
2RIPE112Root Server Technical Operations Assnams-ix
3ARIN293Energy Sciences Network (ESNET)ams-ix
4RIPE553Landeshochschulnetz Baden-Wuerttemberg (BelWue)de-cix frk
5RIPE559SWITCH, Swiss Education and Researchams-ix
6RIPE --- --- Not public --- de-cix frk
7ARIN714Apple Inc.ams-ix | de-cix frk | direct | linx juniper
8RIPE --- --- Not public --- linx juniper | linx extreme
9RIPE1103SURFnet bvams-ix
10RIPE1126Vancis Advanced ICT Servicesams-ix
11RIPE1200Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX)ams-ix
12RIPE1241FORTHnet - Greek IP Service Providerams-ix | de-cix frk
13RIPE1248HERE Internetams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
14RIPE1267Infostrada S.p.A.ams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
15RIPE1547Tirastel GmbHams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
16RIPE1764Next Layer Telekommunikationsdienstleistungs- und Beratungs GmbHde-cix frk
17ARIN1820WNET TELECOM USA Corp.ams-ix | de-cix frk
18ARIN1828Unitas Global LLCams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper | linx extreme
19RIPE1836Green A.G.de-cix frk
20RIPE1930Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia, I.P.gigapix1 | gigapix2
21RIPE2119Telenor Norgeams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper | linx extreme
22RIPE2134Produban Servicios Informaticos Generales, S.L.linx juniper | linx extreme
23RIPE2484AFNIC (Association Francaise pour le Nommage Internet en Cooperation)de-cix frk | linx juniper
24APNIC2497Internet Initiative Japan Inc.linx juniper
25RIPE2603NORDUnetams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
26RIPE2611BELNET, The Belgian National Research and Education Networkams-ix | linx juniper
27ARIN2635Automattic, Incams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper | de-cix mad
28RIPE2686AT&T Global Network Services - EMEAams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
29RIPE2818BBC Internet Services, UKlinx juniper | linx extreme
30RIPE --- --- Not public --- linx extreme
31RIPE2857Johannes Gutenberg-Universitaet Mainzde-cix frk
32ARIN2906Netflix Streaming Services Inc.ams-ix | de-cix frk | direct | linx juniper
33ARIN --- --- Not public --- ams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
34RIPE3170VeloxServ Communications Ltdlinx juniper
35RIPE --- --- Not public --- ams-ix | de-cix frk
36RIPE3213Bogons Ltdlinx juniper | linx extreme
37RIPE3214xTom Limitedams-ix | linx juniper
38RIPE3216OJSC Vimpelcom Moscow, Russiaams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
39RIPE3223Voxility S.R.L.ams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper | de-cix mad
40RIPE3292TDC A/Sams-ix | linx juniper
41RIPE3303Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltdams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
43RIPE3327CITIC Telecom CPC Netherlands B.V.ams-ix | de-cix frk
44RIPE3399Obenetwork ABams-ix
45ARIN3491PCCW Global, Inc.linx juniper
46AFRINIC3741Internet Solutions (South Africa)linx juniper | linx extreme
47ARIN3856Packet Clearing Houseams-ix | gigapix1 | linx juniper | de-cix mad
48RIPE4004Orange Business Services for UKlinx juniper
49APNIC4134CHINANET-BACKBONEde-cix frk | linx juniper
50LACNIC --- --- Not public --- de-cix frk | de-cix mad
51RIPE4455IX Reach Ltdams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper | de-cix mad
52APNIC4637Telstra Global Networklinx juniper | linx extreme
53APNIC4651The Communications Authority of Thailand (CAT)de-cix frk | linx juniper
54APNIC4766Korea Telecomams-ix | linx juniper
55APNIC4788Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TMNET)ams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
56RIPE5390Euronet Communications B.V.ams-ix
57RIPE5404Conova Communications GmbHde-cix frk
58RIPE5405Inter.link GmbHde-cix frk
59RIPE5409Toplink GmbHde-cix frk
60RIPE5410Bouygues Telecom SAams-ix | de-cix frk
61RIPE5413Daisy Corporate Services Trading Ltdams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper | linx extreme
62RIPE5430freenet Datenkommunikations GmbHde-cix frk
63RIPE5459London Internet Exchange Ltd.linx juniper | linx extreme
64RIPE5466Eircom Limitedams-ix | linx juniper
65RIPE5503RM Education Ltdlinx juniper
67RIPE5524Signet B.V.ams-ix
68RIPE5539SpaceNET AGde-cix frk
69RIPE5578SWAN, a.s.de-cix frk
70RIPE5583Orange S.A.ams-ix
71RIPE5605NetUSE AGde-cix frk
72RIPE5607Sky UK Limitedlinx juniper | linx extreme
73RIPE5631Luminet Data Limitedlinx juniper
74RIPE6461Zayo Groupams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper | linx extreme
75ARIN6507Riot Games, Incams-ix | de-cix frk | direct | linx juniper | linx extreme
76RIPE6661POST Luxembourgams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper | linx extreme
77RIPE6663Euroweb Romania S.R.L.ams-ix
78RIPE6667Elisa Oyjams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
79RIPE6677Siminn hf - Iceland Telecomlinx juniper
80RIPE6717Internet Central Limitedams-ix
81RIPE6735sdt.net AGams-ix | de-cix frk
82RIPE6774Belgacom International Carrier Services SAams-ix | linx juniper
83RIPE6805Telefonica Germany GmbH & Co.OHGde-cix frk
84RIPE6830Liberty Global Operations B.V.direct | linx extreme
85RIPE6894KDDI Europe Ltd.linx juniper | linx extreme
86ARIN6939Hurricane Electric LLCams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper | de-cix mad
87ARIN7342VeriSign Infrastructure & Operations (VIO-2)ams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
88ARIN80386connect, Inc.ams-ix
89ARIN8075Microsoftams-ix | direct | linx juniper
90RIPE8218Zayo France SASams-ix | de-cix frk
91RIPE --- --- Not public --- ams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
92RIPE8262Evolink ADams-ix | de-cix frk
93RIPE8282FidoNet Registration Services Ltdlinx juniper | linx extreme
94RIPE8283Netwerkvereniging Coloclue, Amsterdam, Netherlandsams-ix
95RIPE8304Ecritel SARLams-ix
96RIPE8309SIPARTECH Sarlams-ix
97RIPE8319NETHINKS GmbHde-cix frk
98RIPE8339kabelplus GmbHde-cix frk
99RIPE8359Mobile TeleSystems PJSCams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
100RIPE8365Man-da.de GmbHams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
101RIPE8368Destiny N.Vams-ix
102RIPE8391Knipp Medien und Kommunikation GmbHde-cix frk
103RIPE8400TELEKOM SRBIJA a.d.de-cix frk
104RIPE8403Spotify Ltdde-cix frk
105RIPE8422NetCologne Gesellschaft fur Telekommunikation mbHams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
106RIPE8426ClaraNET LTDde-cix frk | linx juniper | linx extreme | de-cix mad
107RIPE8447A1 Telekom Austria AGde-cix frk
108RIPE8455Schuberg Philis B.V. (ATOM86)ams-ix | linx juniper
109RIPE8462Tarr Kft.de-cix frk
110RIPE8468ENTANET International Ltdlinx juniper | linx extreme
111RIPE8469CANCOM Managed Services GmbHde-cix frk
112RIPE8473Bahnhof Internet ABams-ix
113RIPE8551Bezeq International-Ltdde-cix frk | linx juniper
114RIPE8560IONOS SEams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper | linx extreme
115RIPE8608Esprit Telecom B.V.ams-ix
116RIPE8632Luxembourg Online S.A.ams-ix | de-cix frk
117RIPE8647IP Port LLCde-cix frk
118RIPE8648KAMP Netzwerkdienste GmbHde-cix frk
119RIPE8674Netnod Internet Exchange Sverige ABams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
120RIPE8683Nominet UKlinx juniper
121RIPE8708RCS & RDS SAams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper | de-cix mad
122RIPE8717A1 Bulgaria EADde-cix frk
123RIPE8732OJSC Comcorde-cix frk
124RIPE8763DENIC eGde-cix frk
125RIPE8767M-net Telekommunikations GmbHams-ix | de-cix frk
126RIPE8781Ooredoo Q.S.C. - ISP for The State of Qatarams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
127RIPE8804regio[.NET] Holding GmbHde-cix frk
128RIPE8851GCI Network Solutions Limitedlinx juniper | linx extreme
129RIPE8859OSN Online Service Nuernberg GmbHde-cix frk
130RIPE8879DTS-Service GmbH, Herford, Germanyde-cix frk
131RIPE88811&1 Versatel Deutschland GmbHde-cix frk
132RIPE8918Coolwave Communications Limitedams-ix
133RIPE8926Moldtelecom SAde-cix frk
134RIPE8966Emirates Telecommunications Corporationams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
135RIPE9002RETN Limitedams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
136RIPE9009M247 Ltdams-ix | de-cix frk | direct | linx juniper
137RIPE9031EDPNETams-ix | de-cix frk
139RIPE9044BSE Software GmbHde-cix frk
141RIPE9063VSE NET GmbHde-cix frk
142RIPE9116Partner Communications Ltd.de-cix frk | linx juniper
143RIPE9136Wobcom GmbHams-ix | de-cix frk
144RIPE9145EWE TEL GmbHams-ix | linx juniper
145RIPE9150ML Consultancy - InterConnect Services BVams-ix
146RIPE9153Burstfire Networks Ltdlinx extreme
147APNIC9304Hutchison Global Communicationsams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
148APNIC9498BHARTI Airtel Ltd.ams-ix | de-cix frk
149APNIC9505Taiwan Internet Gateway - Chunghwa Telecom - International Business Grouplinx juniper
150APNIC9583Sify Limited, Indiaams-ix | de-cix frk
151APNIC10158Kakao Corp, Koreade-cix frk
153ARIN10310Yahoo!ams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
154RIPE12306Plus.Line Agams-ix | de-cix frk
155RIPE12322Free SAS (Proxad)ams-ix
156RIPE12337noris network AGde-cix frk
157RIPE12350VTX Services SAams-ix | linx juniper
158RIPE12355HeLi NET Telekommunikation GmbH & Co. KGde-cix frk
159RIPE12390KCOM Group Public Limited Companylinx juniper
160RIPE12399ScanPlus GmbH, NIC/NOC Ulmams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
161RIPE12414Solcon Internetdiensten B.V.ams-ix
162RIPE12552GlobalConnect ABams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
163RIPE12576EE Limitedlinx juniper
164RIPE12578SIA Lattelekom, Latviaams-ix | de-cix frk
165RIPE12676HKN GmbHde-cix frk
166RIPE12678Greysom Limited (Badoo)de-cix frk
167RIPE12713OTE GLOBAL SOLUTIONS S.A.ams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
168RIPE12731IPHH Internet Port Hamburg GmbHde-cix frk
169RIPE12759SOCO SoftCom Datensystemeams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
170RIPE12779IT.Gate S.p.A.ams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
171RIPE12843TelemaxX Telekommunikation GmbHde-cix frk
172RIPE12859BIT BV - Ede, The Netherlandsams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
173RIPE12874Fastweb SpA, Milano - Italylinx juniper
174RIPE12897ENTEGA Medianet GmbHde-cix frk
175RIPE12902Luna.nl B.V.ams-ix
176RIPE13002ISIX Communications LLPde-cix frk
177RIPE13005Atlas Business Group of Companies Ltdlinx juniper
178RIPE13030Init7 (Switzerland) Ltd.ams-ix | de-cix frk | direct | linx juniper | linx extreme
179RIPE13037Zen Internet Ltdlinx juniper | linx extreme
180RIPE13058serve-u - Buchholz und Suenderhauf GbRde-cix frk
181RIPE13101TNG Stadtnetz GmbHams-ix | de-cix frk
182RIPE13122Manx Telecom Limited,Isle of Man, UKlinx juniper | linx extreme
183RIPE13150CATO NETWORKS LTDde-cix frk | linx juniper
184RIPE13213UK-2 Ltd Autonomous Systemlinx juniper | linx extreme
185RIPE13237euNetworks Managed Services GmbHams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
186RIPE13238Yandex LLCde-cix frk
187RIPE13285TalkTalk Communications Limitedams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper | linx extreme
188RIPE13287FALBOX S.L. - NIXVAL Datacenterde-cix mad
189ARIN13335CloudFlare, Inc.ams-ix | de-cix frk | direct | linx juniper | de-cix mad
190ARIN13414Twitter Inc.ams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper | de-cix mad
191ARIN13445Cisco Webex LLCde-cix frk | linx juniper | linx extreme
192ARIN13768Aptum Technologieslinx juniper
193ARIN13786Seabras 1 USA, LLCams-ix
194ARIN14061Digital Ocean, Incams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper | linx extreme
195ARIN14340Salesforce.com, Inc.de-cix frk | linx juniper
196ARIN14537Continent 8 LLCams-ix | linx juniper
197ARIN14593Space Exploration Technologies Corporation - Starlinkde-cix frk | linx juniper
198ARIN14907Wikimedia Foundation Inc.ams-ix
199ARIN15133Verizon Business - Edgecastams-ix | de-cix frk | direct | linx extreme | de-cix mad
200ARIN15169Google LLCdirect
201RIPE15412Reliance Globalcom Limited - FLAGlinx juniper
202RIPE15435DELTA Fiber Nederland B.V. (KABELFOON)ams-ix
203RIPE15547netplus.ch SAams-ix
204RIPE15557Societe Francaise du Radiotelephone S.A.ams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
205RIPE15598IP Exchange GmbHde-cix frk
206RIPE15600Quickline AGams-ix | de-cix frk
207RIPE15695Expereo International BVlinx juniper
208RIPE15701Sascha Elimar Coldewey (DATAPATHIO)de-cix frk
209RIPE15703True B.V. (Trueserver)ams-ix
210RIPE15704XTRA TELECOM S.A.de-cix mad
211RIPE15743net.de AG, Hannoverde-cix frk
212RIPE15773Inclarity Communications Ltdlinx juniper | linx extreme
213RIPE15830Equinix Connect - Global IP Transit platformlinx juniper | linx extreme
214RIPE15943wilhelm.tel GmbHams-ix | de-cix frk
215RIPE15954Tecnocratica Centro de Datos, S.L.de-cix mad
216RIPE15965CEGECOM SA - Luxembourgde-cix frk
217RIPE16082Spitfire Network Services Limitedlinx juniper | linx extreme
218RIPE16097HL komm Telekommunikations GmbHams-ix | de-cix frk
219RIPE16205DSI GmbH Daten Service Informationssystemede-cix frk
220RIPE16265LeaseWeb B.V.ams-ix | de-cix frk | direct | linx juniper
221RIPE16276OVH SASams-ix | de-cix frk | direct | linx extreme | de-cix mad
222RIPE16298Lubbers Box Telematica BV (Interbox)ams-ix
223RIPE16353Merula Limitedlinx extreme
224ARIN16509Amazon.com, Inc.ams-ix | de-cix frk | direct | linx juniper | linx extreme | de-cix mad
226APNIC17511OPTAGE Inc. (eo Network), Japande-cix frk
227APNIC18106Viewqwest Pte Ltdams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
228ARIN19551Incapsula Incde-cix frk | de-cix mad
229ARIN19679Dropbox, Inc.ams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
230ARIN20253QWILTNETde-cix frk | de-cix mad
231ARIN20473The Constant Company, LLC - Choopaams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper | de-cix mad
232RIPE20495We Dare BV Autonomous Systemams-ix
233RIPE20504RTL Nederland Interactief B.V.ams-ix
234RIPE20562Broadband Hosting B.V. (Openpeering)ams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
235RIPE20633Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universitat Frankfurt am Mainde-cix frk
236RIPE20640Titan Networks Internet & Telecommunicationsde-cix frk
237RIPE20676Plusnet GmbHde-cix frk
238RIPE20764CJSC Rascom, St.Petersburg, Russiade-cix frk
239RIPE20773Hosteurope Germany / Colognede-cix frk | linx juniper
240RIPE20799Datanet.co.uk Ltdlinx juniper | linx extreme
241RIPE20804Exatel S.A.ams-ix | de-cix frk
242RIPE20811Brennercom S.p.A.de-cix frk
243RIPE20847Previder B.V.ams-ix
244RIPE20857Signet B.V.ams-ix
246RIPE20932Services Industriels de Geneveams-ix
247RIPE20940Akamai International B.V.ams-ix | de-cix frk | direct | linx juniper | de-cix mad
248RIPE21013eww ag (ITANDTEL)ams-ix | de-cix frk
249RIPE21099Game Retail Ltdlinx juniper | linx extreme
250RIPE21161Bechtle AGde-cix frk
251RIPE21263TeleData GmbHde-cix frk
252RIPE21320GEANT Verenigingams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
253RIPE21336INFORENT GmbHde-cix frk
254RIPE21371EQUINIX (SERVICES) LIMITEDlinx juniper | linx extreme
255RIPE21385Trusted Network GmbHde-cix frk
256RIPE21396NetConnex Broadband Ltd.linx juniper | linx extreme
257RIPE21409IKOULA European Backbone ASams-ix | de-cix frk
258RIPE21412UAB Cgatesde-cix frk
260ARIN21859Zenlayer Incde-cix frk
261LACNIC22356Durand do Brasil Ltdade-cix frk
262ARIN22697Robloxams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
263ARIN22822Limelight Networks, Inc.ams-ix | direct | linx juniper | linx extreme | de-cix mad
264LACNIC23106American Tower do Brasilams-ix
265APNIC23576NAVER Cloud Corp.de-cix frk
266APNIC23764China Telecom Global Limitedde-cix frk | linx juniper
267APNIC24167Academia Sinica Grid Computing Centerams-ix
268APNIC24429Alibaba Inc.de-cix frk
269APNIC24482SG.GSams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
270RIPE24586Intermax B.V.ams-ix
271RIPE24594Voiceflex Ltdlinx juniper
272RIPE24875NovoServe B.V.ams-ix
273RIPE24904K-NET SARLams-ix
274RIPE24940Hetzner Online AGams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper | de-cix mad
275RIPE24953NETPLANET GmbHde-cix frk
276RIPE24961myLoc managed IT AGams-ix | de-cix frk
277RIPE25061Associated Networks Limitedlinx juniper | linx extreme
278RIPE25091IP-Max SAams-ix
279RIPE25148Basefarm AS. Oslo - Norwayams-ix
280RIPE25151Cyso Hosting B.V., Alkmaar, The Netherlandsams-ix
281RIPE25152Reseaux IP Europeens Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC)ams-ix | de-cix frk
282RIPE25180Exponential-e Ltdams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper | linx extreme
283RIPE25220equada network GmbHde-cix frk
284RIPE25279Treml-Sturm Datentechnik GmbHde-cix frk
285RIPE25291SysEleven GmbHde-cix frk
286RIPE25369Hydra Communications Ltd (BANDWIDTH-AS)ams-ix | linx juniper
287RIPE25376Netnorth Limitedlinx juniper | linx extreme
288RIPE25394MK Netzdienste GmbH & Co. KGde-cix frk
289RIPE25459Dataplace B.V. (NEDZONE-AS)ams-ix
290RIPE25542Dutch Cloud B.V. (DENIT-AS)ams-ix
291RIPE25560rh-tec Business GmbHde-cix frk
292RIPE25577CloudCoCo Connect Limited (C4L)linx juniper | linx extreme
293RIPE25596Cambrium IT Services B.V.ams-ix
294RIPE27822Emerging Markets Communications, Inc.linx juniper | linx extreme
296RIPE28757Scotnet.co.uk Ltdlinx juniper
297RIPE28788Unilogic Networks B.V.ams-ix
298RIPE28917Fiord Networks, UABde-cix frk
299RIPE29017NTT Global Data Centers EMEA UK Ltd. (Gyron)linx juniper | linx extreme
300RIPE29075Ielo Network Operatorams-ix
301RIPE29076Filanco LLCde-cix frk
303RIPE29140Hostserver GmbHams-ix | de-cix frk
304RIPE29141Bradler & Krantz GmbH & Co. KGams-ix
305RIPE29169Gandi SASams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
306RIPE29208Dial Telecom A.S., Bratislavade-cix frk
307RIPE29396Eurofiber Nederland BVams-ix
308RIPE29404Elbracht-Computer Netzwerk & Grafik Service GmbHde-cix frk
309RIPE29467LUXNETWORK S.A.de-cix frk
310RIPE29527Astutium Limitedlinx juniper | linx extreme
311RIPE29550Simply Transit Ltdlinx juniper | linx extreme
312RIPE29611Elite Limitedlinx juniper
313RIPE29686Probe Networksde-cix frk
314ARIN29838Atlantic Metro Communications II, Inc.de-cix frk | linx juniper
315ARIN30081CacheNetworks, Inc.de-cix frk
316ARIN30103Zoom Video Communications, Incams-ix | de-cix frk
317RIPE30132Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. Amsterdam, Nlams-ix
318RIPE30781Jaguar Network SASams-ix | de-cix frk
319RIPE30827Extraordinary Managed Services Ltdlinx juniper
320RIPE30844Liquid Telecommunications Ltdlinx juniper | linx extreme
321RIPE30889Waycom International SASUde-cix frk
322RIPE31019Paulus M. Hoogsteder (MEANIE)ams-ix
323RIPE31027GlobalConnect NN A/Sams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
324RIPE31042Serbia BroadBand-Srpske Kablovske mreze d.o.o.ams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
325RIPE31103Keyweb AGde-cix frk
326RIPE31122Digiweb Ltd.(Viatel)ams-ix | linx juniper
327RIPE31133OJSC MegaFon Networkde-cix frk
328RIPE31424Netrics Zuerich AG, Opfikon (NEXELLENT-AS)ams-ix
329RIPE31449BELCENTER SPRLams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
330RIPE31472VoiceHost Ltdlinx juniper | linx extreme
331RIPE31477Duocast B.V.ams-ix
332RIPE31500Global Network Management Incams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
333RIPE31529DENIC eGams-ix | de-cix frk
334RIPE31638Lepida S.p.A.ams-ix
335RIPE31708Coreix Limitedlinx juniper
336ARIN32590Valve Corporationams-ix | de-cix frk | direct
337ARIN32787Akamai Technologies, Inc. (PROLEXIC-TECHNOLOGIES-DDOS-MITIGATION-NETWORK)ams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper | linx extreme | de-cix mad
338ARIN32934Facebook, Inc.ams-ix | de-cix frk | direct | linx juniper | linx extreme
339ARIN33082Internet Systems Consortium, Inc.de-cix frk
340ARIN33182HostDime.com, Inc.linx juniper
341ARIN33353Sony Interactive Entertainment LLCde-cix frk | linx juniper | linx extreme | de-cix mad
342RIPE33438StackPath IP Network (Highwinds)ams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper | de-cix mad
343RIPE33891Core-Backbone GmbHams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper | de-cix mad
344RIPE33915Vodafone Libertel B.V.ams-ix
345RIPE34019Hivane network ASNams-ix | de-cix frk
346RIPE34066TelAppliant Ltd.linx juniper
347RIPE34141in2ip B.V. i.o.ams-ix
348RIPE34177CELESTE - Internet services provider, Franceams-ix | de-cix frk
349RIPE34224Neterra Ltd.de-cix frk
350RIPE34245Magnet Networkslinx juniper | linx extreme
351RIPE34270Internet Connections Ltdlinx juniper
352RIPE34288EDU-ZG-CH - Public Schools in the Canton of Zugams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
353RIPE34309Link11 GmbHde-cix frk | linx juniper
354RIPE34347HALLAG Kommunal GmbH (CITYNET-AT-AS)de-cix frk
355RIPE34407Wavecrest (UK) Ltdlinx juniper
356RIPE34442Xifos Ltdlinx juniper
357RIPE34549meerfarbig GmbH & Co. KGde-cix mad
358RIPE34555C.C.S. (Leeds) Ltdlinx juniper
359RIPE34655DuoDecad IT Services Luxembourg S.a r.l.ams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper | linx extreme
360RIPE34695The Crazy Red Cat Company LTD (E4A-AS)de-cix frk
361RIPE34790TFM NETWORKS LIMITEDlinx juniper | linx extreme
362RIPE34854Staclar Carrier Ltd.de-cix frk
363RIPE34953RelAix Networks GmbHde-cix frk
364RIPE34968Trixit Holding BVams-ix
365RIPE35228Telefonica UK Limited (O2 Broadband)linx juniper
366RIPE35280ACORUS NETWORKS SASams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper | de-cix mad
367RIPE35320Eurotranstelecom ltdde-cix frk
368RIPE35574IGT LOTTERY S.P.A.ams-ix
369ARIN36351SoftLayer Technologies Inc. (IBM Cloud)ams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper | linx extreme
370RIPE36408CDNetworks Inc.direct
371ARIN36459GitHub, Inc.de-cix frk
372ARIN36692Cisco OpenDNS, LLCams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper | linx extreme
373RIPE36944UbuntuNet Allianceams-ix | linx juniper
374RIPE37100SEACOM Limitedams-ix | linx juniper
375AFRINIC37271Workonline Communications (Pty) Ltdams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
376AFRINIC37468ANGOLA Cablesams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
377AFRINIC37497Network Platforms (PTY) LTDde-cix frk | linx juniper
378AFRINIC37662 West Indian Ocean Cable Companylinx juniper
379APNIC38082True International Gateway Co., Ltd.ams-ix
380RIPE39180LASOTEL SASams-ix
381RIPE39202Global Radio Limited (GCAP-AS)linx juniper
382RIPE39257Interactive Network Communications ASde-cix frk
383RIPE39326HighSpeed Office Limitedams-ix | linx juniper
384RIPE3935131173 Services ABams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
385RIPE39384Dream Fusion - IT Services, Ldade-cix mad
387RIPE39647Enreach Netherlands B.V. (REDHOSTING-AS)ams-ix
388RIPE39691Global Digital Network S.L.de-cix mad
389RIPE39702S-IT Informationstechnologie Betreiber GmbH & Co. KGde-cix frk
390RIPE39704CJ2 Hosting&Developmentams-ix
391RIPE39737Net Vision Telecom SRLams-ix | de-cix frk
392RIPE39912oja.at GmbH (i3B-AS)de-cix frk
393RIPE39923Unix-Solutions BVBAams-ix
394ARIN40934Fortinet Inc.de-cix frk
395RIPE41095IPTP LTDams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
396RIPE41230Ask4 Limitedlinx juniper
397RIPE41327Fiber Telecom S.p.A.ams-ix | de-cix frk | de-cix mad
398RIPE41552Marktplaats B.V.ams-ix | de-cix frk
399RIPE41690Dailymotion S.A.ams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
400RIPE41692Open Carrier eGams-ix | de-cix frk
401RIPE41887Prolocation B.V.ams-ix
402RIPE41913Computerline, Schlierbach, Switzerlandams-ix
403RIPE42385MSK-IX, Russia Internet Exchangede-cix frk
404RIPE42455Wi-Manx Limited ASlinx juniper | linx extreme
405RIPE42652inexio Informationstechnologie und Telekommunikation KGaAde-cix frk
406RIPE42689Glide Student & Residential Limitedlinx juniper | linx extreme
407RIPE42708GleSYS AB (PORTLANE)de-cix frk
408RIPE42831UK Dedicated Servers Limitedlinx juniper
409RIPE43341MDlink online service center GmbHde-cix frk
410RIPE43727JSC KVANT-TELEKOM (Russia)de-cix frk
411RIPE43996Booking.com BVams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper | linx extreme
412RIPE44034Hi3G Access ABams-ix
413RIPE44066diva-e Datacenters GmbH (DE-FirstColo)de-cix frk
414RIPE44356Epsilon Telecommunications Ltdlinx juniper
415RIPE44444Forcepoint Cloud Ltdde-cix frk | linx juniper | linx extreme
416RIPE44788Criteo SAams-ix
417APNIC45102Alibaba (China) Technology Co., Ltd.de-cix frk | linx juniper
418APNIC45758Triple T Broadband Public Company Limited, Bangkoklinx juniper
419ARIN46489Twitch Interactive Inc. (Justin.tv)ams-ix | de-cix frk | direct | linx juniper
420ARIN46786IP Transit Inc.ams-ix | de-cix frk
421ARIN47065USC / UFMG PEERING Research Testbedams-ix
422RIPE47147ANEXIA Internetdienstleistungs GmbHde-cix frk
423RIPE47169MVM NET Zrt.de-cix frk
424RIPE47195Gameforge Productions GmbHde-cix frk
425RIPE47215Filoo GmbHde-cix frk
426RIPE4744723Media GmbHde-cix frk
427RIPE47480Blue Tiger Solutions Limitedlinx juniper
428RIPE47605FNE-Finland Ltd (FNE Finland Oy AS)de-cix frk
429RIPE47674Net Solutionsams-ix
430RIPE47692Nessus GmbHde-cix frk
431RIPE47787EDGOO NETWORKS UNIPESSOAL LDAams-ix | linx juniper | de-cix mad
432RIPE47869Ellada Projects B.V. trading as Netroutingams-ix
433RIPE47886 Equinix (Netherlands) B.V.ams-ix
434RIPE47999Verint Systems UK Limitedlinx juniper
435RIPE48173The unbelievable Machine Company GmbHams-ix | de-cix frk
436RIPE48200Opteamax GmbHde-cix frk
437RIPE48284SWU TeleNet GmbHams-ix
438RIPE48793DE-CIX Management GmbHde-cix mad
439RIPE48846Inetum Espana, S.A.de-cix mad
440RIPE48918Globalways AGde-cix frk
441RIPE48927ESEVEN DevOps GmbHams-ix | de-cix frk
442RIPE49375Trunk Networks Limitedams-ix | linx juniper
443RIPE49453Global Layer B.V.ams-ix
444RIPE49544Interactive 3D B. V. / Ubisoftams-ix | de-cix frk | direct | linx juniper | de-cix mad
445RIPE49581Ferdinand Zink trading as Tube-Hostingde-cix frk
446RIPE49600NEAR IP, S.L.linx juniper | de-cix mad
447RIPE49685Signet B.V.ams-ix
448RIPE49981WorldStreamams-ix | de-cix frk
449RIPE50245Serverel Corp.ams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
450RIPE50300CustodianDC Limitedlinx juniper
451RIPE50384iHome LLCams-ix | de-cix frk
452RIPE50509Transroute Telecom LTDde-cix frk
453RIPE50629LWLcom GmbHams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
454RIPE50673Serverius Holding B.V.ams-ix
455RIPE50763MCKAYCOM LTDams-ix
456RIPE50877Airbeam S.r.l.linx juniper
457RIPE51088A2B IP B.V.ams-ix
458RIPE51095EdgeUno, Inc.de-cix frk
459RIPE51185Onecom Global Communications LTDams-ix | de-cix frk
460RIPE51483SaSG GmbH & Co. KGde-cix frk
461RIPE51531DE-CIX Management GmbHde-cix frk
462RIPE51918Cerberus Networks Ltdlinx juniper | linx extreme
463RIPE51945ConnetU Ltd.linx juniper
464RIPE52075Wifirst S.A.S.linx juniper | linx extreme
465LACNIC52320GlobeNet Cabos Submarinos VZLA, S.A.ams-ix | de-cix frk
466ARIN54113FASTLY, Inc.ams-ix | de-cix frk | direct | linx juniper
467ARIN54994Meteverse Limitedams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper | de-cix mad
468ARIN55256Netskope Incde-cix mad
469APNIC55818MC-IX Matrix Internet Exchange - Indonesiaams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
470APNIC55967Baidu (Hong Kong) Limitedde-cix frk
471RIPE56630Melbikomas UABams-ix
472RIPE56665Proximus Luxembourg S.A.ams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
473RIPE56958Raiola Networks S.L.de-cix mad
474RIPE57344Telehouse EADde-cix frk
475RIPE57463NetIX Communications Ltd.ams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
476RIPE57695Misaka Network, Inc.de-cix frk | de-cix mad
477RIPE57976Blizzard Entertainment, Incams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper | linx extreme | de-cix mad
478RIPE58010uvensys GmbHde-cix frk
479RIPE58057Securebit AGde-cix frk | linx juniper
480RIPE58243TELE AGde-cix frk
481RIPE58291ColoCenter b.v.ams-ix
482RIPE58299Openfactory GmbHde-cix frk
484APNIC58952Frontiir Co. Ltdams-ix
485RIPE59432GINERNET S.L.de-cix mad
486RIPE59655Forextime LTDde-cix frk
487RIPE60051Earthlink-dmccde-cix frk
488RIPE60068Datacamp Limited, CDN77direct
489RIPE60134Startnix Ip Europede-cix mad
490RIPE60169G-FIT Gesellschaft fuer innovative Telekommunikationsdienste mbH & Co. KGde-cix frk
491RIPE60171AFR-IX TELECOM S.L.de-cix frk | linx juniper
492RIPE60476My.com B.V.ams-ix | de-cix frk
493RIPE60610Amito Ltd (EVEREST-AS)linx juniper
494RIPE61049Exascale Limitedlinx juniper | linx extreme
495RIPE61090Green Way Telecomunicaciones S.L.de-cix mad
496RIPE61157PlusServer GmbHde-cix frk
497RIPE61337Electronic Communities Ltdlinx juniper | linx extreme
498RIPE61423JMP Technology Services GmbHde-cix frk
499RIPE61955ColocationIX GmbHams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
500RIPE62023NYNEX satellite OHGde-cix frk
501ARIN62044ZSCALER-EMEAams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper | linx extreme
502RIPE62217Vinters IT Ltdlinx juniper
503ARIN62955eBay, Incams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper | linx extreme
504APNIC63949Linode, LLCde-cix frk | linx juniper
505APNIC64049Reliance Jio Infocomm Pte Ltd Singaporelinx juniper
506ARIN64597Renesys Corporationams-ix | linx juniper
507APNIC132203Shenzhen Tencent Computer Systems Company Limitedams-ix | de-cix frk
508APNIC136907HUAWEI INTERNATIONAL PTE LTDams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper | linx extreme
509RIPE196881Liberty-izone Ltdlinx juniper | linx extreme
510RIPE198290Global IT Services PSF SAde-cix frk
511RIPE198385AlpineDC SAde-cix frk
512RIPE198792DSTORAGE s.a.s.ams-ix
514RIPE199524G-Core Labs S.A.ams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper | linx extreme | de-cix mad
515RIPE200738Interfibra Telecomunicaciones, S.L.ams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper | de-cix mad
516RIPE200780APPLIWAVE SASde-cix frk
517RIPE201229Digital Ocean, Inc.de-cix frk
518RIPE202196Booking.com BVams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper
519RIPE202425IP Volume incams-ix
520RIPE202954Rapiddot Hosting Services Ltdams-ix
521RIPE203507Avira Holding GmbH & Co. KGde-cix frk
522RIPE203724Intel Deutschland GmbHde-cix frk
523RIPE203936MISMENET TELECOMUNICACIONES S.L.ams-ix | de-cix mad
524RIPE204773Tecnocratica Centro de Datosde-cix mad
525RIPE205272Skyhigh Securitylinx juniper
526RIPE205558Autoridade Nacional de Comunicacoes (Anacom)gigapix1 | gigapix2
527RIPE205572Fibratown, S.L.de-cix mad
528RIPE205668Green Mini host BVams-ix
529RIPE205975Fibre Assets Ltdlinx juniper
530RIPE206264Amarutu Technology Ltdams-ix
531RIPE206483Red Matter Limitedlinx juniper
532RIPE207923Aireon, Ernesto Lahoz Lopezde-cix mad
533RIPE209835Despliegue de Redes de Telecomunicaciones S.L.de-cix mad
534RIPE210036 Rayhaan Ahmad Jaufeerallyde-cix frk
535RIPE211826Istqrar for Servers Services Ltdde-cix mad
536RIPE212263Rocket Fibre Ltdams-ix | de-cix frk
537LACNIC262675Solucao Network Provedor Ltdade-cix frk
539LACNIC264409Huge Networksde-cix frk
541ARIN396986Bytedance Inc.ams-ix | de-cix frk | direct | linx juniper | de-cix mad
542ARIN396998Path Network, Inc.ams-ix | de-cix frk | linx juniper